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Toddler Talk: Plastic Eggs, Post Easter

So, we got all stocked up on plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts and crafts, but now that the weekend's over—what happens? What do we do with these stockpiles of multi-colored eggs besides store them in a giant box and/or crush them under our slippers?

Here are 5 super-easy ways to make those plastic eggs useful with your toddlers:

1. Color Sorting

I mean, they're round, shiny, and colorful. What CAN'T your toddler do with them? Besides counting, stacking, and (ahem) throwing, why not work on color recognition and sorting skills?

2. Memory Game

Place matching objects — like toy figurines, broken crayons, board game playing pieces, ripped up pieces of construction paper, etc. — underneath the eggs and play a game of memory.

3. Rice Shakers

Fill the eggs with dry rice, couscous, or beans, and shake, shake, shake. Perfect for sensory play.

4. Play Dough Molds

If your toddler has an affinity for stuffing play dough into toys (and books and couches), use the eggs as plastic molds. I swear it'll keep them busy long enough to drink a cup of coffee.

5. Maracas

Take a rice shaker, glue or tape it to plastic spoons, and cover it in craft tape, crepe paper, ribbons, or whatever else you have around the house.

The activities are, quite possibly, endless: Glue little buttons to the bottom and turn them into teacups, thread a fishing line through them and make a plastic snake, cover them in yarn, etc.

What do YOU do with your leftover plastic Easter eggs?

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