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Stuck in a Style Rut

Pearson Brown, 49, lost her job last November when the PR agency she worked for closed its doors. Pearson, a mom of a 5-year-old boy, says that while she's been trudging away at finding a new job, the interviews have been far and few between.

"It's hard to keep a positive outlook," says Pearson, who feels like the situation has made her more of a shut-in. "I have become a hermit in my own home. ... I sit working at my desk in my bedroom from 7:30 a.m. (when my son leaves for school) until 5 p.m. at night wearing sweatpants, my hair in a ponytail, glasses and no makeup." To make matters worse, Pearson says she has put on 10 pounds just from snacking. "I’m such a mess, I am embarrassed even to open the door for the UPS guy!"

Enter mom.me! We enlisted the help of our makeover guru, Diane Goldenberg, to work her magic on Pearson and give her a much-needed confidence boost. Goldenberg, the founder of Style-Over, a makeover consulting firm in Miami, Fla., selected Pearson from a group of applicants because she was drawn to her story.

"When I first saw Pearson, I wanted to lift her spirits and add some color to her life," said Goldenberg, who worked with a talented team of hair and makeup artists to help Pearson feel good about herself again. "She needed a confidence boost to help get her back into the market, and there's no better way to do that than with a makeover." Pearson agreed: "I think if I had a makeover it would energize me and help reflect the person I really know myself to be—smart, successful and social."

Click here to see Pearson's amazing before and after!

Photograph by Daniel Montoya

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