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Obesity Surgery in Moms May Help Future Kids

Photograph by Getty Images

What a difference weight-loss surgery can make—and not just for moms.

Children conceived after mothers had obesity surgery tended to be slimmer than older siblings and had fewer risk factors for diabetes and heart disease, according to new research that was published May 27 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Compared to genes in siblings who were born pre-surgery, the genes of post-surgery children "linked to obesity-related health problems worked differently," the Associated Press reports.

The difference, according to the AP, is not that the mother has passed on different genes, but, rather, factors in the womb have changed the way they operate—slowing some down, while speeding others up.

"The impact on the genes, you will see the impact for the rest of your life," Dr. Marie-Claude Vohl of Laval University in Quebec City told the AP.

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