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The Fastest Father's Day Gift Ever!

It's a fact. Dads can be very difficult to buy for on Father's Day. Yet, dads can also be very easy to please by little acts of kindness from the kids (or from mom). When is the last time dad got to choose the pizza toppings? Or pick out the movie? This Father's Day, let the special dad in your life know that it's all about him.

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First, print out these super cute—yet, plenty manly—coupons. Then, cut them out and present them to the dad in your life. You can tape them up and create a book, or glue to a popsicle stick and present them to your pop in his morning coffee. You could even sprinkle them around the house for dad to stumble upon throughout the day. Remember, the most important thing is to honor those coupons when he gives them back to you. Yes, even the last scoop of ice cream thing.

Happy Father's Day!

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