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What Color Shirts Go Well With Khaki Pants?

Nude and Neutral

Khakis give you a neutral palette to work with when you're polishing off your look, and nothing looks crisper or cleaner than an equally neutral top. A head-to-toe nude-toned look is summery and light, and a few colorful accessories provide a seamless transition from daytime to nighttime. No matter which khaki shade you have on the bottom, a classic white button-down offers a timeless complement. Other shades of khaki, even if they aren't exact matches, are also options in the neutral line up. If you're worried about looking washed out, break up the nude with a dark belt, a bold necklace or a more textured top with eyelet or ruching detail to create shadows and depth.

Go Nautical

The style dreams of preppy girls are made of khaki pants, and a nautical-inspired color scheme for your tops is a fail-proof plan for this look. If you are looking for solids, think polo pastels in pale green, baby pink or sky blue for a look that is young and fresh. If you want a more mature look, opt for navy blue -- navy blue cardigans with cream-colored details or navy blue button-downs with white stitching. Finish off your look with classic gold accents in your jewelry, belt buckle or clutch.

Jewel Tone Trends

With a basic color on the bottom, you can afford to get saturated up top. Jewel tones are a rich contrast to simple khaki that give your casual pants a more polished, professional look. When you're offering up such a dramatic color contrast, play with textures, too, Jewel tones in reflective fabrics like satin or silk keep your outfit from looking too much like a workplace uniform. Opt for luxurious tops in sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst tones. Feminine details like subtle ruffles or tiers add movement and catch the light to really make the look shine.

Get Noticed in Neon

Think neons faded out in the 80s? Think again. Bold, electric shades brighten up your pale khaki basics and turn them into fierce fashion staples. Neon shades of green and yellow are a spin on the classic colors. Aim for light shades of chartreuse, lime, lemon and cadmium to create an electric pairing with your dark or light khaki bottoms. If you're feeling even more adventurous, check out the world of neon-leaning blues, purples and pinks: Aqua, hot pink, turquoise, cyan and magenta perk up your simple pants and make your outfit pop. You can color-coordinate with you shoes.

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