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Can You Wear a Sweater Dress With Tights and Strappy Flats?

The Sweater Dress

There are a variety of different sweater dresses. Classic pieces are one solid color like black, red, white or navy blue. Some sweater dresses are funky in an animal print or retro with striped sleeves with cute shapes and patterns throughout the dress. Sweater dresses are styled as V-necks, round necks or turtlenecks and with or without embellishments like buttons and buckles. Some are belted and thin enough to top with a blazer.

The Tights

Black opaque tights are classic must-haves that go well under a sweater dress. You can spice up a solid- or mulit-colored dress with colored tights like red, brown or blue. Balance is the key, especially if you're bold enough to sport animal print tights.

The Strappy Flats

Don't push these flats in the back of your closet yet. Dark-colored flats look great with black tights and a sweater dress. If you want an interesting contrast, wear dark-plaid tights with solid-color strappy flats. Some flats have multiple straps, like gladiator sandals, and some have just one or two.

The Outfit: Perfect Trio

A sweater dress, tights and strappy flats work together to create a comfy trio that can be chic, edgy, retro or sexy, depending on the choices you make. Color, balance and the texture of the material of the items combine to make a whole range of looks with just these three pieces.

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