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The Best Jeans for Curvy Thighs


Jeans with a slight flare can do wonders for a pear-shaped body. Unlike skinny jeans, which taper tightly around the ankle, flared jeans have a wider hemline near the bottom. This style pant is flattering because it helps offset wide hips. While skinny jeans would emphasize large hips because they are skin-tight and narrow near the bottom, a flare creates a more balanced illusion. For an ultra-slim and sexy look, stick to dark denim shades because they are more slimming than light-wash jeans. Low-rise styles are comfortable and won't overemphasize large hips.


Boot-cut jeans work well on most body types, and pear-shapes are no exception. A boot-cut jean is not as wide as flared but not as form-fitting as a skinny jean, making this a good in-between option. Boot-cut jeans pair well with heels, boots and flats alike, so you will have no problem finding a fabulous pair of shoes to go with boot-cuts for a night on the town. Dark denim adds an even more slimming effect; if your opt for boots, stick to straight and simple styles rather than slouchy leather styles, which can add bulk to your legs.

Find the Right Size

This may be a "duh" moment, but many times women find flattering jean styles but buy a size too small or too large. Wearing a style that suits your shape is just the first step. The last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable, so if you can see a little too much belly bulge around your waist, go a size up. Likewise, if you are shopping for boot-cut jeans or jeans with a slight flare, it's important to not get them too large. Oversize clothing can either make you look very tiny or bigger than you are, neither of which is ideal.

Styles to Avoid

While women with curvy thighs have no problem finding a pair of jeans that flatters their shape, a few styles should be avoided. Pleats on the sides of your jeans will likely add to what you already have plenty of, so steer clear of these styles. Too many pockets or horizontal detailing around the hip area is another thing to look out for. Not only do these styles add extra bulk to the frame, but the detailing draws the eye straight to your hips instead of up toward your face.

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