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BB Cream or CC Cream?

Remember when BB creams first came on the market? Ladies, they were HOT. Then along comes CC creams and well, now we're confused. Which one do we use? Which one does the job the best? Which one will be your new bestie (like that favorite lip gloss of yours)?

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BB creams, which stands for beauty or blemish balm, was originally meant to be an all-in-one product. So instead of spending five minutes applying your serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock, you could just apply BB cream and be set. Most BB creams tackle additional jobs such as shine protection and, my personal favorite, covering up some of those imperfections such as acne scars and discoloration. Thanks to the moisturizer, serum and sunblock, you also have the added benefit of protecting your skin from the sun and decreasing skin damage with anti-aging properties.

If you've used BB creams before, you know that it goes on as smoothly as a tinted moisturizer. As with foundation, there are different shades available for purchase, just not the wide range of pigments that you might be used to seeing. Most are available in three different shades: Fair-light, light-medium and medium-deep. BB creams are best for women with normal skin that don't require a lot of coverage.

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CC cream—the CC stands for color or complexion correcting—is similar to BB cream, but amped up a bit more on skin care. They're a little heavier on anti-aging, helping with uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles and other simple skin issues. Like the BB cream, CC cream contains moisturizer, sunscreen and has the same amount of tint with the usual choices in fair-light, light-medium and medium-deep. Oftentimes, the SPF on CC creams will be higher than in BB creams in an effort to help prevent additional skin problems caused by the sun.

CC creams are best used on skin with minor skin issues since it really tries to focus on fixing those problems. Because of its matte texture, it works greats as a base for foundation. This less-oily alternative to the BB cream can often give the illusion of brighter skin and even diminish the look of discoloration. The CC cream is a great addition to your makeup regime because of its multi-purpose use.

Choosing your favorite BB cream and CC cream will often come as a result of trial-and-error because there is no uniform formula. Perhaps because it is a relatively new product to the beauty marketplace. When trying to decide between these two creams, start with deciding which type of coverage you need the most. If you're looking for more of a natural look and are happiest with a quick make-up routine, I suggest heading to the BB cream aisle. If you fall into the category of needing a little more coverage and often rely on moisturizers that also combat skin discoloration and age spots, then the CC creams will be your best bet. Whichever you choose, remember to check your store's return policy as you may be able to save a lot of money by simply returning the cream that didn't quite make the cut.

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