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The Best Clothes for Top-Heavy Women

Up on Top

Whether you're going to the office or heading to cocktail hour, it's important to remember that often with a large bosom, the more you cover up, the heftier your bust will look. V-shaped necklines in general look best on you. If tops are cut too low to be appropriate for a professional setting, go out and get some camisoles to wear underneath -- preferably in a variety of colors to mix and match under different tops. Boatneck shirts and turtlenecks are styles you should avoid, as they'll make you appear as though you have a head and a bust, and absolutely no neck. Color plays a part, too. Go darker on top and lighter on bottom to understate your weightier torso and emphasize those fabulous thighs and calves.

Ladylike on Bottom

Show off that feminine style with a floral-patterned, flared, A-line skirt that ends just below the knee (or above the knee, if you're feeling bold). This style will show off some serious leg, and the slight outward swing of the skirt will balance out the majority of weight you carry up top. With a tailored jacket that properly fits your bust and has a V-neck shape to minimize your chest, the important thing here is to show off those legs! Unlike pear shapes, you have the advantage of going shorter if you'd like, as long as the skirt flares out. If you have shapely legs, don't be afraid to flaunt them. Add some sexy, stiletto heels to add even more length to your leg line.

You Wear the Pants

Pants that fit you perfectly both at the waist and at the inseam may take a little more time to find, but hey -- isn't that what good tailors are for? Pants that fit you at the waist and hips are a must. Your safe go-to option is wide-leg trousers in a giving fabric such as linen, wool or even silk when you want to up the elegance factor. These flow with your body and won't restrict your movements. Wider waistbands will be most comfortable for you. It's important to try pants on, because you don't want them suffocating your stomach or sagging in the rear end. Skinny jeans or "jeggings" are not ideal fits for your body type, but a deep-cut tunic paired with comfortable tights and chunky, tall suede boots will work wonders for your silhouette.

The Best Dress

The trick with wearing dresses when you're top-heavy is to look for certain, slight details that will make a huge difference in how you feel and look. First, make sure the dress has wide straps -- you need to be able to wear a great-fitting support bra underneath the dress (all women should unless they are an A-cup), and dainty straps that cut into your shoulders are not a good look. Nor is it comfortable to constantly be pulling up a strapless dress that won't stay up because the weight of your bust and torso keep pulling it down. Gravity is gravity, and your body (as fabulous as it is) cannot defy it. You can indeed wear fitted dresses, but details such a corsets, ruching, and banded or cinched-in waists are essential things to look for when shopping.

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