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Creative Ways to Tie a String Bikini

Front Tie

Tying a string bikini in the front is not only fashionable, but easier for those swimming solo. Tying it in front is easy to do and looks cute too.

Bows on the Side

Bows are a simple way to add frill and femininity to a string bikini. Instead of the basic knot tie, all you do is tie the sides of the string bikini bottom into a bow. This little switch is fun, girly and can be done in a cinch.

Criss-Crossed Top

Cross the two straps in front of your neck, then tie them in back as usual to create a super stylish swim top. This should create a whole new look.

Ties on the Side

This tricky little way to tie a string bikini takes a bit of maneuvering. Pull one side of the bikini top's bottom string all the way through so there is just an inch or so hanging out of your bikini top. Then pull the other side of the string through and around your back and create your tie on the side.

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