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What Goes Well With a Vertically Striped Skirt?

Solid Blouse

If you’re looking to play it safe, pair your vertical stripes with a simple blouse in a solid color. If the skirt is casual, pair it with a simple cotton T. For a dressier skirt, top it off with a silk or chiffon blouse. Depending on the color of your skirt, you can choose just about any color blouse. For an understated look, choose a neutral color -- black, white, gray or navy blue. But if you’re looking to make just a bit of a fashion statement, choose a brighter color that contrasts with your skirt. Try a bright yellow blouse with a blue and white striped skirt, or a flashy fuchsia blouse with emerald green stripes.

Never-Ending Stripes

Some women are afraid of stripes, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal. But if you’re not afraid to embrace the design, consider adorning yourself on top and bottom. Pairing a striped skirt with a striped top requires a bit of trial and error. Not all stripes look good together -- but other combinations will knock you off your stiletto-adorned feet. When pairing stripes, choose different widths. If your skirt features wide, thick stripes, choose a smaller, thinner stripe for your top. You might also pair the vertical stripes of your skirt with a horizontal or diagonal stripe on top. The color rules are just as flexible as choosing a solid blouse. If you're feeling a little wild, choose contrasting colors that complement one another. If you're looking for a more subdued look, stick with the same color family and let your stripes steal the show.


A vertically striped skirt has such a strict geometric pattern that it can look a bit rigid. To soften the look and add a bit of flair, top your geometric pattern with a feminine floral. Although they might seem like an unusual combination, the two patterns complement each other nicely. Again, choose a relatively tight-fitting blouse, but don’t be afraid of ruffles, bling or bows. To tone the look down a bit, pair it with a blazer or cardigan in a complementary color.


If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a bold color or wild print, you can use your accessories to dress up a vertical skirt. In this case, top your skirt with a simple blouse in a neutral color. Then add a splash of color with a bold scarf and matching pair of heels. Or opt for a chunky bib or jewel necklace and matching bangles on your wrist.

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