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What Kind of Jeans Make Hips Look Smaller?

Dark Denim

You've probably heard it before, but dark clothes are quite slimming. Black, gray and dark blue jeans are your best bet to making your hips look less heavy. Dark colors typically also make you look taller. Light washes, however, are typically unflattering and can actually make your hips look bigger than they are. Additionally, avoid jeans that feature any "worn" or "distressed" details around your hips or thighs, as they will draw attention to the area and make things look larger.

Straight Leg

Get a leg up on those unflattering hips by donning straight leg jeans. This cut falls straight down from your hips -- sans any flare -- to create a slimming effect. When you pair this cut with some cute heels, you create an even longer visual line, which makes your hips look smaller and your body look sleek.

Boot Cut

The boot cut is a type of jean that is flattering for just about anyone. Its design helps to balance out the width of your legs and makes them look more proportional with the rest of your body, giving them a slim appearance. Boot cut jeans also hug you in all the right places, making your tush look outstanding.

Skip Adornments

Although cute, adornments such as fancy stitching and decorative buttons only draw attention to the hip area and add a bit of bulk, which makes them look bigger. Instead, opt for jeans that are lower on the sides, as they will fit around your hips without creating love handles. Additionally, go for mid-rise jeans, as they minimize the size of your hips.

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