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How to Choose Activewear

Step 1

List the types of physical activities that you participate in each week. If you run a certain number of miles each week, your activewear needs will differ greatly from someone who takes yoga classes. Note the number of hours you spend doing an activity as well as where you do it. Working out at an indoor gym requires different clothing than hiking or skiing outdoors. Think seasonally as well. Your activewear needs will be different if you live in a brisk four-season climate with varying sports opportunities than if you reside in a community that sees little ice or snow each year.

Step 2

List the activewear you have on hand at present. Take inventory of your existing clothing. You may have a wide variety of sports pants and shorts in your closet but lack athletic bras or enough athletic supporters. Make a note of the condition of each item as well. Worn and stained clothing can make you more reluctant to appear in public and less likely to work out in a public place.

Step 3

Take measurements of your body parts. Run a measuring tape around your bust and hips. If you work out regularly, you may have unexpectedly toned your arms, and you may now find that sweatshirts don’t fit as well. Conversely, you may have developed muscles and find that clothing items don’t quite fit. Include your shoe size. Properly fitting shoes can provide the right support for runners and weightlifters. A woman’s feet may grow as a result of pregnancy, so double-check all sneakers and running shoes before you resume regular workouts.

Step 4

Pick out items that will help your athletic performance. Look for fabrics that wick away heat and keep you cool as you go through 30 sweaty minutes cycling. Costly materials may not be necessary if you aren’t aiming for athletic competition, but a single luxury item can serve as a motivation to keep you working out.

Step 5

Use the clothing in the store. After you try on an item, take a few seconds to participate in the intended activity. Run in running shoes. Stretch in yoga pants. Note how the item helps or hinders your movement. If an item is too tight, try on another size. Clothing should fit snugly but not so closely as to interfere with your range of motion.

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