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How to Wear a Pea Coat for Women

Step 1

Buy your size. Perhaps the most common mistake women make when buying pea coats is purchasing the wrong size. Over-sized pea coats make you look bulky and big, which is not flattering. Instead, go for a coat that hits right at your hip and one that has a waist. Many large-looking coats come without waists, creating a straight line around your sides, making you appear wide. Skip that style and don a pea coat that is form-fitting.

Step 2

Don a pea coat in a color that flatters your tone. Although women generally look good in black, brown or gray, the traditional pea coat colors, pea coats can flatter in other hues, as well. Bolder and more fun colors are often available -- but they don’t look good on everyone. If you don the coat and your eyes look brighter and your skin looks like it's glowing, you’ve got the right shade. If you look sick or tired, pick another hue.

Step 3

Choose the right style. Not all pea coats are created equally, and not all look the same on everyone. Traditional pea coats are single-breasted, which is a great look for some women, but not all. Hooded pea coats can give an edge to your look, while hemmed coats and those with funnel necks can make your classic coat trendy. Opt for a pea coat that has a belt if you’re curvy or a double-breasted style if you are slender.

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