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How to Rock a Cardigan

Step 1

Pair a cardigan twin set with a belt. Leave your top sweater unbuttoned, then buckle a skinny belt around to instantly add style.

Step 2

Add some bling with a brooch or sparkly accessories. A brooch will give a romantic feel to your cardigan, while jeweled necklaces layered over the top will give it a little sparkle. You can even swap out your cardigan buttons for some sparkly ones instead.

Step 3

Add a scarf to dress up the old office cardigan that is just ho-hum looking. A patterned scarf paired with a cardigan can spice up your style in no time. Plus, it keeps you extra warm on cold days.

Step 4

Let your cardigan take center stage. Get one in a bright, bold color and choose the rest of your ensemble in a muted hue. This shows that you have cardigan confidence and you know you look great in it.

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