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The Perfect Sunglasses for an Oval-Shaped Face

About an Oval Face

The beauty of having an oval face is that you can wear practically any style of sunglasses with ease. An oval face is one that is long and tapers at the chin and forehead. Most frames complement this facial structure beautifully and without much effort.

Perfect Pairs

Your oval face has the advantage of having great proportions. You can wear most frames, but some work better with your face shape. Square and rectangular frames are wide across the face with structured lines across the top and sides, which contrast the soft curves of your face and make for a nice balance. Other geometric shapes like ovals and circles also flatter your face shape.

Not Too Big

Perhaps the biggest faux pas for an oval face is the inclusion of sunglasses that are too big for your face. An oval face is a delicate one and you should be careful not to make it appear smaller by drowning it in sunglasses that overpower your entire face. Choose frames that are big, but not overpowering -- unless that's the look you're going for. For the oversized look that many celebrities favor, look for sunglasses that begin over the eyebrow and stop in the middle of the cheek. If an average-sized frame is more your speed, try sunglasses that start at the eyebrow and end at the top of the cheek.

Not Too Small

Another sunglasses no-no for oval faces is those that are too small. Frames that are too small give your delicate face a much larger- than-normal appearance. Most oval faces are far from large -- they're more narrow instead -- but pairing with tiny frames overly enhances the size. If you choose small sunglasses, make sure that they at least span the size of your eye.

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