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The Best Full-Figure Sports Bra


While sports bra designs differ, they all rely upon two basic designs. Compression bras work by flattening the breasts against the chest to eliminate movement. Encapsulation style bras contain each breast in a structured compartment. Some bras, particularly in larger sizes, rely upon a combination of compression and encapsulation.

Full-Figure Features

When you're shopping for a full-figure bra for your curves, skip the colorful and cute options in your local fitness shop. Most of these offer compression-style support for C-cups and smaller. Look for a bra with a wide three-hook band and adjustable straps, as well as cup sizes instead of small, medium and large. Your sports bra should have the same sort of structure you expect in a regular bra, including distinct cups and channels or underwires to support each breast.


If you know your size and have had a professional bra fitting, get a sports bra in your usual size. When you're not sure about size, try on a number of sports bras. Choose one with a snug-fitting band that fastens on the loosest hook. You'll tighten it up as it ages. The band provides most of the support, so a good fit is critical.

No Loose Bands

If you're considering going up a band size to buy a bra that doesn't come in your cup size, don't. A looser band will leave you sore and achy after a hard workout. Each cup must fully contains your breast without gaping or overflowing. A full coverage style will eliminate any worry about unfortunate wardrobe mishaps.

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