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What Color Shirts Do You Wear With Black Skinny Jeans?


Pair a white top with black skinny jeans for a simple yet sophisticated color scheme. This combo is ideal for dress casual days at the office. The black jeans resemble the tailored black pants you wear on regular work days, and a white blouse is conservative enough for the office. For activities outside the office, break up the contrasting neutrals a bit by incorporating a vest or cardigan into your ensemble and adding a long chain necklace. White and black are both neutral colors, meaning your accessories will be making the biggest statement.


If pastels are your favorite colors, you are in luck. Wearing pastel shades with light-wash denim jeans can be tricky because you run the risk that your top will blend into your jeans and wash out your complexion. With black jeans, however, wearing light-colored tops adds an element of contrast. For a casual activity, any styled cotton top will do. For something a little more elegant, opt for more expensive-looking fabrics like silk. For a trendier look, find tops with hints of fabric embellishments like lace, sequin or ruffles incorporated into the design.

Bold Colors

An easy way to add a bold factor to your look is by wearing bright or deep shades. Red, cobalt blue, green and purple are just a few examples of colors that easily pair with black skinny jeans. Other colors like bright yellow or orange are acceptable, although they don't make the best color combination. When choosing one of these bold colors, take into account your hair color and complexion. Red heads should veer away from deep reds and opt for lighter shades like soft pink. The closer the hair is to either blond or brown, the easier wearing these strong colors will be.


Because black is a neutral color, you won't have to worry about steering clear of patterned tops. Wear a top or tunic with a geometric pattern to give your outfit an extra touch of style. For a toned-down look, go for a simple two-color striped design, sticking to other neutrals like gray, beige and ivory. It's OK to wear tops with black incorporated into the design, as long as other colors are also visible. Wearing a black top with black jeans is a totally acceptable look, but break it up with hints of color through your accessories and jewelry.

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