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The Best Dress Types for an Hourglass Figure


Hourglass figures are known for their to-die-for waists that other women spend a lifetime dieting to achieve. As the saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" so don't be afraid to emphasize one of your (many) best assets. A belt around the middle of your dress will highlight just how thin your skinny waist is. Choose a dress that comes with a belt or sash around the middle so you can show it off. Fancy dresses, such as a wedding dress or black-tie gown, will come with a sash in order to pull off this look, but you can also add your own belt to a regular little black dress.

Cinched Waist

Similar to the belt idea but without all the fuss, a dress with a cinched waist simply goes in at the midsection. As opposed to a shift dress, which is straight up and down, a cinched dress looks like it was built for a woman's body even when it is on a hanger. This style will perfectly emphasize your small waist while allowing ample room for your large chest and partially disguising your hips. You can afford to minimize both your top and bottom slightly while still looking womanly.

Dropped Waist

A dropped waist dress is not only super-stylish and seductive, but it is also an ideal way to show off your vivacious curves and tiny middle. Dropped waist or mermaid-style dresses continue past the hips and have a line running right under your bottom, as opposed to above your hips. This body-hugging style is tight in all the right places, which keeps the bulk to a minimum around your hips, where you don't need it, while still showing them off in a flattering light. Your waist will be in the spotlight as well, and the overall effect will be of a taller, longer midsection, making this style especially wonderful for a petite hourglass.


For a formal event, aim for a ballgown figure dress for another style that flatters your easy-to-please shape. Ballgowns are yet another type of dress that highlights the midsection, making it simple to show off your skinny waist. Since your hips will be covered up by the bottom of the skirt and therefore minimized, look for a neckline that similarly minimizes your chest and shoulders so as not to appear unbalanced. Straight-across strapless styles are the best, and a one-shoulder look works as well by creating interest that takes the focus off your chest.

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