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How to Dress-Up an All-Black Outfit

Step 1

Break up the black with a belt. No matter if you’re wearing an all-black shirt and pant combo, dress, or skirt and blouse outfit, you can add a colorful belt. A colorful, thin belt offsets and dresses up a pant-and-shirt combo. On the other hand, a thick belt is appropriate with a skirt and blouse. If you are wearing a dress, add a waist belt for a colorful touch.

Step 2

Wear jewelry. Choose colorful jewelry to pair with your all-black ensemble. Mosaic pieces, for example, are classy, yet unique and fun. Such pieces are dressier than solid-colored jewelry; choose the one that matches the mood of your outfit. Find a colorful cocktail ring or chunky necklace, for example, to punch up an all-black outfit.

Step 3

Play peek-a-boo with color. If you are wearing an all-black outfit with a shirt or blouse, choose a longer piece in a bold color to wear underneath or let peek through a sheer top. This will add an element of sophistication and brighten up your entire outfit.

Step 4

Wear shoes in a complementary color. Choose a nude or colorful shoe in shades of red, blue, purple or pastels. You can even wear a neon-colored shoe for a bold look.

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