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Can You Wear Nylons with Open-Toe Shoes?

Stockings with Open Toes

Tread cautiously in the open-toe shoe department if you plan to wear a sheer covering on your legs. Most of these shoes expose quite a bit of skin, leaving little nylon to the imagination. Wearing plain-Jane nylons in nude or suntan colors leans toward the tacky side. If you're going to wear nylons, aim for an intentional fashion statement. Shimmery threading, lattice weaving and fully intact fishnets make the cut.

Nylons and Peep Toes

Peep-toe shoes give you a little bit of leeway to play with in the nylon department. Depending on how much skin the shoe reveals, you can get away with a nylon if it means the difference between being fashion-forward and getting a blister. Again, skip the skin-color varieties. Translucent black and patterned hose trump a nylon that offers only sunless tanning.

Keep the Clothes in Mind

What you don on top can help determine how style-backward your nylons might look. If you're wearing nylons and open-toed shoes with jeans or a business pantsuit, your legs won't show, so neither will most of your nylons. For job interviews, keep the nylons and skip open-toe shoes altogether. But if you're wearing a cocktail number, a fancy dress or a miniskirt, kick up the glam with a fancier pair of stockings. If you're totally in doubt, slip on a pair of stirrup tights or hose with no toes. The toe region is totally absent in each of these, giving you more freedom and peace of mind when pairing them with any toe-less shoe.

It's Your Call

When in doubt, it's your judgment that counts. Glance in the mirror. Does your outfit look tacky? If so, then it probably is. Is it 20 degrees and snowing outside? Then wear a pair, because tootsie survival trumps trendy style any day. Nylons go in and out of style, just like many other accessories. Sometimes it just boils down to practicality. If the rest of your outfit calls for nylons, chances are people will overlook the nyloned toes poking out of your open-toe shoes.

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