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How to Learn to Wear High Heels

Step 1

Pick the right heels to start with. If you've never worn heels before, don't hop into eight-inch ice picks. You want to start with a thicker heel that feels comfortable on your foot so you can learn to balance correctly. It's simple once you get the hang of it, but remember learning to put on makeup? Beauty takes practice.

Step 2

Start at home -- a designer doesn't put his model in an outfit for the first time when she's about to step onto the catwalk. There's a lot of test running first. So slip your feet into your heels and walk around the house. Pay attention to the way you're balanced and how your ankles, knees and hips are aligned. Get used to the feeling of having heels on your feet. Sit down often -- you don't want to hurt yourself.

Step 3

Run errands. It may not sound like a ton of fun, but if you go grocery shopping, you can use the cart to balance yourself while you test out your heels. Your feet won't be used to bending the way they have to bend in heels -- so give them a break and support yourself with the cart. Make it a goal to wear a gorgeous pair of heels every time you need to stock the refrigerator.

Step 4

Step in front of a mirror, especially if you're having trouble walking smoothly and balancing. Make sure your steps are even, that your feet are pointing forward and that your legs and back are straight. Good posture is essential to wearing heels, unless you want to hobble around, which will kill the sexy effect. Straighten and extend your leg every time you step to get a walk that looks like you have the ease of a fashion model.

Step 5

Practice on grass -- which requires putting most of your weight on the ball of your foot -- on cobblestones, on concrete and on stairs. You never know what kind of terrain you might encounter when you're out in the world. Being fabulous can take you anywhere, so you need to be sure your shoes can handle the experience. Go for a garden stroll or explore a mall in heels. The more ground you cover, the more ready you'll be to wear them somewhere important.

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