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What Nail Polish to Wear With a Black & White Dress?


Colors that are absolutely guaranteed to match your dress include black, white and metallic silver or gold hues. Glitter isn't a true neutral, but it doesn't introduce a competing color into your outfit and, chances are, if you weren't going for white or black shoes or jewelry, you were going to bring in the metal tones anyway. Wearing neutral polish with a black and white dress plays up a matchy-matchy look. White polish gives a nod to spring, while glitter polish just brings the party.


Consider choosing a vivid hue like cherry red, fuchsia or even true blue for an edgy look. Going with bright polish and your black and white dress works well when the winter doldrums have you aching for a bit of splash, and when you want to attract attention with your dynamic look.

Soft Touches

Sometimes you want to blend in rather than stand out, especially if your dress has a bold pattern or large print that's already out there, or if you're accessorizing and don't need something edgy. Soft shades like pink, rose, beige or even clear polish provide low-fuss coverage for your hands.


Take a minute to look at your dress and think about the fashion accessories, shoes, jewelry and coat you'll be wearing with it. If the dress is more white than black, pick a color that plays off the white, like a soft hue; if it's more black than white, pick a polish that looks great with black dresses, like bold or metallic. If it's evenly split, try a neutral since you're already making a big splash, or play it up with a bold hue.

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