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How to Wrap Saris

Step 1

Put on your petticoat and choli.

Step 2

Hold the sari cloth horizontally and wrap one end of the sari around your waist once, right to left.

Step 3

Tuck the wrapped cloth into your petticoat. Look at the bottom edge to make sure it isn’t dragging. Tuck the cloth deeper to adjust the length.

Step 4

Gather five to seven pleats of fabric in the front center of your waist. Keep the pleats gathered together as you wrap the cloth around your waist a second time.

Step 5

Carefully tuck the second wrap into your petticoat. Use a pin to secure the pleats to your petticoat, if necessary. Ensure that you have enough space to freely move your legs.

Step 6

Pull up the remaining sari cloth with your right hand, tucking it tightly under your right armpit.

Step 7

Drape the cloth over your left shoulder.

Step 8

Pleat the cloth on the shoulder four or five times, pinning the pleats to your choli if necessary.

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