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How Short Should Dresses Be?

Professional Dress

If you're headed to a job interview or a day at the office, making sure your dress is the perfect length ensures that attention will be on your mind, not your gams. Not only should your dress have ample room around your thighs and bottom, it should also hit at or just slightly above the knee. Take into consideration that your dress will rise three inches when you sit down, so short dresses will give peeping Toms the perfect view.

Family Party Dress

There are parties with your girls, but then there are parties with your family. Dressing appropriately for your family graduation parties or wedding celebrations will not only keep you comfortable, but will also ensure you have fun as well. Dresses can be fun, though they should still be a bit longer than your standard club dress. Choose a 3/4 length dress that reaches just above the knee or one that is slightly shorter for family events.

Club Dress

There's no better opportunity to show off your legs than a night out at the club with a group of your gal pals. Even so, just because you're going short doesn't mean you have to go hoochie. Your dress should can reach mid-thigh length, though you can go a bit shorter if you have less height. If you are wearing higher heels, keep your dress at mid-thigh length.

Dinner or Cocktail Party

Dinner or cocktail parties offer the perfect occasion to get dressed up. Although you can wear a knee-length or slightly shorter dress to a dinner or cocktail party, consider a dress that reaches below the knee instead. These dresses are longer yet are stylish and sexy with a flattering cut. Choose a form-fitting dress and pair it with high heels to elongate your legs, especially if you are a shorter gal.

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