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Inexpensive Jewelry Gifts

Shop Sales

Jewelry stores hold sales on a regular basis, usually around the holidays. These are excellent opportunities to purchase an item at a reduced price and put it aside for a gift-giving occasion. Visit the store prior to the sale to examine the jewelry for an idea on color, cut and clarity. While there, ask about a pending or scheduled sale, as you never know when the store may offer you a discount at the holiday sale price. Inexpensive jewelry choices include a necklace with a semiprecious stone pendant for a woman or a pair of jade cuff links for a man.

Antique Stores

Antique stores offer original and unusual jewelry designs. Look at the front counter for jewelry when you enter the store. Consider a silver broach, a lapel pin long or a Victorian cameo. Art deco jewelry, such as a crystal festoon necklace or beaded dragon bracelet, might be just the piece to set a friend's heart racing, while a man might enjoy an art deco cameo or lapis ring.

Semiprecious Stones

Although diamonds may be forever, other stones may bring a tear to a gift recipient's eye. Some semiprecious stones are manufactured into beads and make an inexpensive choice for jewelry. A jade, turquoise or onyx beaded necklace brings out most eye colors, and those stones are affordable. So is a colored strand of Chinese pearls for the neck or wrist. Or purchase an opal or firestone topaz in 10-karat gold instead of the more expensive 14 karats. Explore these options to find a gift that'll please your loved one but not break your bank.

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