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How Do I Pick the Right Shoe for Everyday?

Step 1

Wait to go shoe shopping until at least midafternoon so you will get the proper fit. Your feet swell slightly during the day; if you shop in the morning, you may purchase shoes that are too small.

Step 2

Look for a shoes with a leather top part that will allow moisture to escape and will stretch to accommodate your foot size.

Step 3

Look for dark colored shoes, which are more versatile, if you have a job that requires professional dress.

Step 4

Examine the bottom of the shoe and make sure it has a tread that will grip the ground securely. Rough treads are especially important for cold regions where the ground ices in the winter.

Step 5

Press your finger into the inside bottom of the shoe to ensure that is has a cushioned insole. Insoles are critical for shoes that you wear every day, since they protect your ankles and knees from excess stress. In addition, the inside center of the insole should have a small hump for arch support.

Step 6

Ask an employee at the shoe store to measure your feet, especially if you haven't had them measured in over a year. Many people don't realize that their foot size changes as they age, and also during pregnancy. Remember that a shoe measurement is only a rough guideline, because each brand and style fit your foot slightly differently.

Step 7

Try on the shoes with the type of socks that you wear daily. Walk around the store in the shoes and notice how they feel. A good fitting pair of shoes should be almost unnoticeable on your feet. If they feel heavy, constrict your feet or cause pinching or pain, try on other pairs until you find one that feels right.

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