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How to Accessorize a Camel Coat

Step 1

Find the right hat. To keep it classic, choose a colorful wool beret or close-fitting wool cap. Try colors in keeping with the timeless camel palette, like cherry red, navy, chocolate brown or Kelly green. For an edgy urban look, go with a newsboy cap in leather or tweed or a skullcap decorated with sequins or studs. Feeling playful? A faux-fur trapper hat in black or olive green will keep your look chic and fun. For a romantic mood, try a felt cloche adorned with faux flowers or a fuzzy angora beret. Choose a pale color scheme of pink, lavender, cream or blue.

Step 2

Add a cozy scarf. For an instant boost of refinement, choose a Burberry-inspired plaid in tones of camel, red, black and charcoal. If you're not a plaid type, pick a chunky cable knit in red, navy, emerald or cream. Keep your camel coat on-trend and fabulous with a faux fox fur neck wrap or wool snood, a circular scarf that simply slips over your head. Olive drab, black or orange are modern color complements to camel. To showcase the sensual femininity of camel, try a ruffled Edwardian scarf in lipstick pink or orchid.

Step 3

Gloves are back! shows gloves in leather, suede and cashmere in lengths from wrist to elbow. For a timeless vibe, choose wrist-length cashmere or soft wool in your classic color palette of navy, charcoal or red. For a chic, edgy look, go for elbow-length black leather or faux leopard gloves. Enjoy an "I could be a celebrity" moment as you peel them off when you get inside. For a girly look, try wrist- or elbow-length angora or suede gloves in baby blue, lavender or pale pink.

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