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How to Apply Three Shades of Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Step 1

Choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Chicks with pale skin look smashing in trios of pale pink, brown and cream, while darker-skinned divas rock moss green, forest green and tan shades. If your hazel eyes have flecks of amber in them, grab a pot of gold or copper shadow for an added punch of color.

Step 2

Coat your entire eye lid with a layer of eye shadow primer. Primer acts like foundation for your shadow: It fills in creases and sticks to shadow to prevent cracks and creasing after a few hours of hardcore grooving at the club.

Step 3

Brush the lightest shade of color from the crease of your eye to the bottom edge of the eyebrow. Use a wide brush, coating it lightly in shadow and sweeping the shadow evenly from inside corner to outside corner of the eye.

Step 4

Move onto the medium shade and brush it over the eye lid. Dip just the ends of the brush into the shadow, tapping the brush against your fingers to knock excess powder off before it hits your lid. Excess shadow will fall on your cheeks and turn them from rosy pink into zombie green.

Step 5

Grab an angled brush and iron out the creases. Swirl the brush over the darkest shade, and starting at the outside corner, sweep a thin layer of shadow over just the crease. Blend the three shades together with your fingertips, running them lightly from the eyelid out towards the brow bone to even out the shadow and leave your shady trio working in perfect harmony.

Step 6

Line upper and lower lashes with eye liner, sweeping a thin layer of liner from the inside corner to the edge of your lashes. Curl lashes with an eye lash curler, and cover with two coats of mascara to plump up lashes and leave your freshly shaded hazel eyes ready for the boardroom -- or the bedroom.

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