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Makeup for Super Dry Skin


Before you go ahead and get yourself all dolled up, take some crucial steps. To get flawless makeup on super dry skin, makeup artist Heather Adessa of Makeup by Heather A says that you must cleanse your skin. She recommends using a cleansing cream or cleansing lotion. Women with super dry skin shouldn't use makeup remover wipes or pads because of the alcohol they contain, which dries out the skin even more, Adessa explains. Yikes!

Mist Away

There is one other way to make your super dry skin look super radiant. Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor says that using a skin mist is a great way to make makeup go on super dry skin much more smoothly. He says that using a skin mist on bare skin can give you that extra touch of moisture that can later turn into flawless skin once the makeup is applied. Sotomayor recommends using mists like Acai Damage Protecting Toning Mist from Kiehl's.


Something that all women with a little dry or super dry skin should do is hydrate their skin. Adessa says that you should opt for a face cream rather than a lotion because creams are thicker and, usually, more hydrating. She says that the hydration is needed so that the makeup that will follow can look as fabulous as possible.


When it comes to foundation, hydration is also key. Sotomayor says that for very dry skin, the best makeup is formulated with moisturizers. Sotomayor loves Lancome's Absolute Bx liquid foundation and the Maracuja Oil Concealer from Tarte. Adessa says that you should go with a cream or liquid foundation rather than a powder because they are more hydrating. However, she says that you should finish the look off by setting the foundation with a powder. Adessa also recommends using a tinted moisturizer on top of your regular moisturizer. This way, your skin gets some coverage and a lot of moisture. She loves Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer and Creme Silk Foundation for women dealing with dry skin.

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