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How Do I Dress in Hawaii?

Step 1

Start with comfortable, lightweight pants, shorts or Capris. Cotton and cotton blends are ideal because they will help you stay cool.

Step 2

Pack colorful sleeveless and short-sleeve tops to match your bottoms. Solids are fine, but large, bold prints are even better.

Step 3

Choose comfortable sandals and flip-flops for daytime footwear.

Step 4

Include at least one swimsuit. No matter where you go in Hawaii — from the sandy beaches to the hotel pool — you’ll find plenty of opportunities to wear it.

Step 5

Bring a comfortable dress that you can wear to a nighttime event or dinner out at a fine restaurant. Strappy sandals are always appropriate in Hawaii.

Step 6

Toss in a sweater, lightweight jacket or shrug for chilly nights. As the sun goes down, the ocean breeze drops the temperature a few degrees.

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