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Cute Easy Ways to Do Short Hair

Switch Up the Texture

Do you have curly hair and short bob or straight hair and an almost pixie? The easiest way to change up your look is to switch the texture. If you have curls or wavy hair, try straightening your locks for a sleek and sexy look. Make sure to apply a smoothing creme or hairspray after styling to prevent your hair from fly aways or recurling. If you have straight hair, test out some curls. Use a texturizing mousse or curl enhancing spray to help your locks develop natural curls or curl a few face framing pieces with a curling iron.

Add a Scarf

If you're having a bad hair or just feel like changing things up, a head scarf could be your best option. This look is extremely versatile because there are so many different ways to tie scarves. For a cute and casual look, try tying your scarf into a bow. Start by folding a square scarf in half. Continue to fold the scarf onto itself until it is a solid strip (like a man's tie). Wrap the scarf around your head like you would a headband and keep the ends on top. Tie the ends into a bow, and you're done -- easy and super cute!

Clip It Back

Hair clips are an easy way to make a big statement and dress up a tired style. If you have short hair, the bigger the clip, the better. There are so many fabulous options to choose from. If you're going for a glamorous, vintage style, try a retro mesh fascinator. For something a little more feminine and sweet, try using a bow hairclip to tie back your bangs or face framing layers. A feather clip is also a great option and will add some interest to plain and casual ensemble.

Cover It Up

Hats are a sincerely underrated accessory that can completely change the vibe of an outfit. If you want a luxe, classic look pair your favorite summer dress with a floppy sunhat and some oversized sunglasses. For a casual, edgy winter look try an oversized knit beanie or cable knit beret. In between weather suits felt bowler hats and straw fedoras which create a chic contradiction when paired with a frilly, feminine dress or tunic.

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