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Fruit Leather Directions

Step 1

Rinse the fruit thoroughly and remove any pits from stone fruits such as peaches. Remove the cores of fruits such as apples and de-stem grapes before cooking.

Step 2

Place the fruit in a large saucepan and add half a cup of water for every 4 cups of fruit. Simmer, cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes on low heat or until the fruit is cooked completely. Uncover the fruit mixture and stir.

Step 3

Crush the fruit in the pot using a wooden spatula or a potato masher. Taste the fruit mixture to determine whether it needs to be sweetened. Add the spices and lemon juice to the fruit mixture. Add sugar if the mixture tastes bitter.

Step 4

Continue to simmer the mixture. Stir the mixture until any added sugar is completely dissolved and the fruit purée has thickened. Place the smooth, pureed mixture in a blender or food processor.

Step 5

Pour the pureed fruit mixture onto a baking sheet heavily lined with wax paper about a 1/4-inch thick. Put the baking sheet in the oven at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for for about eight to 12 hours. The fruit leather is done when it is dried out, has a smooth consistency and easily pulls apart from the wax paper.

Step 6

Store the fruit leather once completely dried by rolling the leather in 1-inch strips and roll them into plastic wrap or wax paper. Place them in large baggies and seal the baggie. The fruit leather can be stored safely for up one year in the freezer or six months in the refrigerator.

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