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How to Relieve Dry Skin

Step 1

Jump in a warm shower or, if you prefer, a warm bath. Hot water is seriously an enemy of your skin and taking super-hot showers or baths is just treating your skin wrong. Cut back on the time you spend getting clean as well. Limit baths and showers to 15 minutes or less.

Step 2

Wash with gentle soap-free cleansers when taking your shower and forget about using regular soaps on your skin. It's already dry and irritated and those will only make matters worse.

Step 3

Blot your skin dry with a soft, fluffy towel. Rubbing will steal the oils from your skin that help keep you moisturized, and that will only make matters worse. A gentle patting action does the trick---but not too much. Pat the excess water for 20 seconds or less. If your skin isn't damp, you've over-dried.

Step 4

Go with an ultra-rich, thick and moisturizing lotion that contains ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin and ceramides to add layers of moisture for maximum soothing relief. Smooth the lotion over your body immediately after you've finished patting up most of the moisture---before your skin has had time to dry completely. A great moisturizer to try is good old-fashioned petroleum jelly.

Step 5

Wear the right clothing after you've moisturized your skin. Clothes that will help soothe your skin are made of natural fibers that allow it to breathe. Two dry-skin-friendly fibers are silk and cotton.

Step 6

Turn on a humidifier at the end of the day, before you settle in for bed. This will help to bring relief to your itchy, tight and dry skin by increasing the moisture in the air while you're dreaming sweet dreams.

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