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Easy Ways to Get Mascara Off

Baby Oil

Baby oil is one of the easiest ways to remove mascara. It is also cheap, and anything easy on the pocketbook is a good thing, right? All you need to do is grab your baby oil and use it to moisten a few cotton balls. Close your eye and gently wipe the mascara off. The baby oil is hypoallergenic, so even if it does get into your eye, it should not sting. Wipe until all of the mascara is removed.

Makeup Removal Pads

There are several brands of makeup removal pads on the market and these are a lifesaver if you are in a fix. You can keep a travel pack in your purse and use them on the go. Or in case your boyfriend proposes and you cry away your makeup. Mascara streaks do not make for a memorable evening. These are simple and easy to use. Just grab one and wipe away until the mascara is gone.

Oil-Free Makeup Removers

Using makeup removers takes a bit more time and patience. You need to hold a cotton ball, moistened with the remover, on the eye for about 10 to 20 seconds so it can start to dissolve the mascara. Because this is a bit harsher on the eyes, wipe in one direction to avoid losing lashes and getting the remover in your eye. Red, irritated eyes are not a good look either. Use a cotton swab to get underneath the lashes.

Facial Cleanser

You can also opt for the all-in-one facial cleanser. This option may also be harsher on the eyes, but you can remove any other makeup from the day, along with dirt and oil buildup as well. Everyone likes an easy fix -- wash your face as usual and be sure to go over your lashes. Keep your eyes shut tight to avoid irritation. You may have to go over the bottom of your lashes with a cotton swab to ensure all the mascara is removed.

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