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Slutty Halloween Costumes Start & End With Mom

Hey, I've got an idea. This Halloween, let's all put our pants on and go get some candy. This may seem an obviously appropriate way to trick-or-treat, but if you've battled with a 7-year-old in the "girl" costume aisle at Party City, moms, you know what I'm talking about.

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We've all seen these age-inappropriate Halloween costumes for girls and shaken our heads. Yet each year the selection seems to grow, even as the backlash against sexy little girls on parade gets louder. While I'm perfectly capable of saying "no" to my daughter when she begs for the "Haunted Cheerleader" costume that barely covers her (upper!) thighs, I'm having a hard time understanding why this option even exists in a size made for a 2nd grader.

So who's buying these mini-tramp outfits? I certainly don't know those people personally, but I do have an idea: Moms who dress the same way.

Slutty Halloween costumes are ridiculous and yet, potentially damaging at the same time.

Ladies, you know who are. You've been a sexy nurse, a sexy kitty, hell probably even a sexy Walter White, and you think it's empowering. After all, we should be proud of our bodies, especially if we've actually used said body to create life! But you know what? It's not cool. It's not positive. Not at any age (nope, not even you 20-somethings) and certainly not as the "sexy" themed costumes trickle down to our kindergartners.

Showing skin is not (necessarily) sexy. It's shocking, it's provocative and it's designed to titillate. You go and do that on your own time and have yourself a ball, but does that sound like something you want your child to emulate? (No, I'm not letting the dads off the hook here, but most of our daughters are not looking at dad when they're picking out their clothes.)

Before I pull out the ruler and measure my daughter's skirt, let me tell you this: I am a huge believer in being sex positive; in embracing your body and all of its functions—especially the sexual ones—and teaching our daughters there is nothing to be ashamed of when they walk down the street in a flattering outfit. I am no stranger to the mini-skirt, and in no way am I saying looking good is an invitation for negative attention. I'm not saying something bad will, or should, happen if you and your daughter head out in matching "Dirty Maid" outfits. I'm just saying it's a horrible, horrible, idea.

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Let's be clear; sexy/slutty Halloween costumes are not sex positive. Slutty Halloween costumes are ridiculous and yet, potentially damaging at the same time—especially if you're way too young to understand the message that is deliberately and dramatically being sent via those tiny fishnet stockings.

This Halloween let's not demean ourselves (and teaching our daughters how to do it in the process). After all, dress-up should be for kids. Let's keep it G-rated.

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