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Quick & Easy Ways to Organize

Step 1

Designate the purpose of the space, and organize it for that purpose. Invest in organization tools, such as file folders, space organizers and decorative bins that reflect the space's purpose.

Step 2

Gather all of the items from the area that you are organizing. Completely clearing the space can offer perspective on the space's use. Sort items into four categories of labeled boxes: Keep, give away, throw away and sell. Evaluate questionable items by asking yourself, "Do I use this? Do I need this? How often do I use this?"

Step 3

Remove all sorted items not placed in the "Keep" category from the area you are organizing --- bag or box them up and temporarily store them until you know how they will be distributed. Begin to organize what you truly need in your life once you have unnecessary clutter out of sight and out of mind.

Step 4

Categorize remaining "Keep" items into three different groups: Space appropriate, transfer to a different area and long-term storage for items not often used but need to keep. Remove all items not belonging in the "Appropriate for the space" category and temporarily place in another area as a separate organizational project.

Step 5

Create groups of like items by sorting them with like or similar items. Create a designated space for each group of like items. Use organizational tools, such as closet organizers, file folders, binders, paper trays, drawer organizers and desk organizers to separate and keep groups of like items in designated spaces. Return items to their designated space as soon as you are finished using them.

Step 6

Label the designated spaces as appropriate. Make labels visible and easily accessible.

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