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Tips on Cleaning a Child's Bedroom

Remember to Disinfect

Because children are not as careful about spreading germs as many adults, disinfect the items in their room on a regular basis. Anything that children might touch with their hands or put in their mouth should be carefully cleaned with some type of antibacterial cleaner. For plastic toys and game boards and pieces, disinfecting wipes are an effective option. You may want to wring the wipe out before using to ensure that the toys do not become too damp. Antibacterial dish liquid paired with a damp cloth works well to clean wooden toys. Stuffed animals may be washed on the gentle cycle in your washing machine or placed in a plastic bag in the freezer for several days. At temperatures below zero degrees, any germs present on the stuffed animals will die.

Sort and Purge Regularly

Many children have a small bedroom that easily becomes cluttered and messy with all of their belongings. Sorting your child's clothing and toys on a regular basis will allow you to see what he is no longer using, so you can remove them from the room. Fewer items in your child's bedroom will make keeping the room neat and organized much easier. Go through your child's closet and dresser, and remove any out-of-season clothing for storage. Items that he may have outgrown may be set aside for donation. When it comes to toys, remove any that no longer interest your child. If there are still too many toys to fit neatly on the shelves or storage containers, remove some to place in storage. You can rotate the toys in the room by periodically switching them out with those in storage, which may allow your child to get more enjoyment out of his toys. Set up a regular schedule for this type of sorting and purging in your child's room; once ever season may be an effective timetable.

Get the Kids Involved

When you have an entire house or apartment to clean, you may not have enough time to focus on your child's room. Encouraging your child to keep his room clean himself can save you time and frustration. The most effective way to get children interested in cleaning their rooms is to make a game of it. Make it a race against the game clock by providing your children with a specific amount of time to complete the task. Set your kitchen timer, and send your child off to clean. Adding a small incentive if he completes the task ahead of time may make him more enthusiastic.

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