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How to Care for Leather Coats

Step 1

Check the coat's label for care instructions. The coat manufacturers put that there for a reason, right? Since every leather coat isn't the same, a product that works fine on one coat might completely trash another c

Step 2

Put water and stain protector on your coat when you get it home -- after you read the care label, of course. This'll keep your coat from staining if you spill water all over it. It's an invisible barrier to keep your coat safe -- almost like magic!

Step 3

Condition your coat. You need a good leather conditioner to take care of your coat. Especially in dry climates, leather can dry out and crack if it's not conditioned.

Step 4

If you get some grime on your garment, don't freak out. Use a gentle fabric brush to take off as much of it as you can, or use a sponge if it's something wet. Then use warm water and a mild soap on a sponge to get the leather nice and clean. Hang up the coat on a hanger, and slather leather conditioner over it when it's dry.

Step 5

Caught in a rainstorm? Don't throw your leather coat in the dryer. Just dab it with a towel and hang it up to dry completely. Don't put it outside to air dry. Keep it safe inside. Once it's dry, spackle it with some leather conditioner to keep it soft and buttery.

Step 6

Don't toss your coat over a chair when you're not wearing it. That will leave it wrinkled and misshapen. Put it on a wooden hanger -- something strong enough so it won't bend and the coat won't slide off -- and hang it up properly when you're not wearing it. Don't seal it in a plastic garment bag. The coat needs air circulating around it to keep the leather from drying out.

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