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Jordana Brewster’s Landscape Designer Shares How You Can Build Garden Memories With Your Kids

Actress and mom Jordana Brewster (“Fast & Furious”) hosted a "Garden to Glass" party at her Mandeville Canyon home on June 7 to celebrate the completion of a year-long project now in full bloom. Brewster and her husband, who are parents to two young boys, looked to Los Angeles landscape designer Teryl Ciarlo of Teryl Designs to create a gorgeous garden and landscape to match their home’s traditional architecture. Ciarlo delivered a clean, open and airy backyard space for the kids to run and play, a nostalgic nod to Brewster’s East Coast roots, as well as a healthy garden-to-table element as a tribute to Brewster’s involvement with The Non-GMO Project.

Fresh organic garden-inspired cocktails from Jardesca were served to beat the June heat as guests explored the enchanting garden of seasonal blooms and a backyard complete with citrus trees, fresh vegetables, a custom kids' play area, a bistro-style dining area and bluestone walkways leading to a lantern-lit pool. To top it all off, the yard is equipped with a low-flow irrigation system and underground cistern that collects rainwater and runoff in order to cut down on water waste.

Raised veggie boxes in Jordan Brewster's Garden by Teryl Designs

Guests walked away with complimentary herb and veggie baskets, as well as some great tips for building garden memories with your kids, all from Ciarlo herself:

When life gives you lemons …

Make lemonade! Lemon trees are low-maintenance and make fresh lemonade an on-demand treat for you and your kids.

Buy shovels and small watering cans—then get to work!

Building your own garden is a fun and fruitful activity, and is something the whole family can watch grow year after year.

Release the ladybugs!

Ladybugs are surprisingly easy to order online, and their appetite for pests makes them great guardians of the garden. Plus, as far as bugs go, they’re pretty cute.

Personalize your pots.

Dedicate a pot or section of the garden for each child (and parent!) to design and maintain.

Build an earthworm jar.

An earthworm jar is a fun and educational project that can teach the kids about how earthworms tunnel and why they are important for a healthy garden.

Plant quick-maturing vegetables to satisfy short attention spans.

Veggies like radishes, carrots, spinach and dwarf green beans grow quickly for (relatively) instant gratification.

Make bird feeders and butterfly feeders.

Birds and butterflies are a colorful addition to any outdoor space. Butterfly feeders are easy to make and can provide year-round entertainment.

Draw some silly fruit faces.

Pick oranges (or any citrus fruit) and draw silly faces on them.

Invite the classroom!

Missing your classmates? Have everyone come over to plant vegetables for a fun and educational experience.

Have a picnic.

A picnic in the garden is a fun and relaxing meal for the whole family. Use some veggies from your garden for a fresh salad, and pick some strawberries for dessert as a way to learn about the farm-to-table movement first-hand.

Jordan Brewster's garden details by Teryl Designs

Photography by Cindy Airey

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