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Tips on Cleaning Miniblinds

Regular Dusting

Dust your mini blinds every two to three days, depending on how often they collect dust. This is primarily an environmental consideration. If you live in a dustier climate, your blinds require regular maintenance more often. Less dusty environments require dusting as rarely as once per week. Close your blinds and sweep your duster back and forth as you move down your mini blinds. Sweep the dust off the sides and away from your blinds. Close them in the other direction and repeat the process along the other side.

Metal or Vinyl Blinds

Fill a large basin or bucket with warm water. Add dish soap or white vinegar to your water. Remove your blinds from your window and immerse them into your water solution. Move them around and let them soak in the water for a few seconds. Scrub your blinds and concentrate on any stains or spots. Remove them and hang them somewhere safe to dry. They will drip, so your bathtub is an excellent spot for drying. Let them dry fully before replacing them on your window.

Wood Blinds

Avoid using any water on your wood blinds. Water can warp the wood and cause permanent damage. Pull your blinds down from your window and take them to a well-ventilated area. Use a terry cloth towel or furniture glove in one hand and furniture polish. Spray the polish on your cloth or glove. Avoid spraying furniture polish directly onto your blinds. Polish your blinds with care. Let them dry before replacing them in your windows.

Fabric Blinds

Avoid using water on your fabric mini blinds. Use a quality vacuum cleaner with your fabric attachment connected. Run your attachment along your blinds, taking care to clean the hard to reach spots. This can be a time consuming process but be patient. Once you have cleaned your blinds, use a dry terry cloth towel or dusting glove and go over the areas you could not reach with your attachment. Spots or stain require more intensive cleaning and special products but regular maintenance helps you avoid running into these problems later.

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