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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Asian Eyes

Step 1

To enlarge and brighten your eyes, Scott recommends using bright, shimmery shades of eye shadow. Apply a light shimmer to your eyelid --- no color is off limits, as long as it is light and bright. Follow with a much lighter shade on the brow bone (space between your eyelid and eyebrow), such as a white or pink.

Step 2

Apply eyeliner to the top eyelids, next to your lashes. Apply eyeliner to your bottom lid at the outer corners of your eyes to accentuate the almond shape of your eyes. Scott adds that to really open up the eye, "pick up a brightening pencil...and use it on the inner corner of your eye. What this does is it adds a sparkle."

Step 3

Use a brush to apply color to the eyebrows, which will give depth to a flat brow. Make sure the color matches your hair to avoid an overdone look --- the intention here, Scott explains, is to "make the brows more expressive." Use a powder color rather than a pencil, since a pencil may be too severe.

Step 4

Use what Scott calls the "1-2-3 method" of eye shadow application, if you're interested in adding depth rather than size to the eyes. This method requires three colors: one light, one medium and one dark. Choose the colors according to your preference and skin tone.

Step 5

Apply the lightest of your three colors to the area between your brow bone and your eyebrow. Apply the medium color to your eyelid, and the dark color sparingly to your brow bone, starting at the outer corner of your eye and brushing the color in towards the middle. Use a contour brush for the dark tone so that it fits in the space under your brow bone.

Step 6

Blend your colors well. Scott states that blending is "the difference between good eye makeup and great eye makeup."

Step 7

Use a brown eye liner on the top and bottom eyelid, taking care to create a thicker line on the top than the bottom. Thicker eyeliner on the top will make your eye appear more open and will help the curvature of your eyelid to stand out.

Step 8

For a smoky look or to accentuate light eyelashes, swipe mascara on the upper and lower lashes to finish the look.

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