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Tips to Get Started House Cleaning

Make a List

Knowing exactly what you need to do is the first step to getting started on housecleaning projects. Create a room-by-room list of everything that requires cleaning on a daily basis without worrying about the current state of each room. Creating an index card file may also help. An index card file should include tabs for each room; each card states one task to accomplish in that room. For example, the "Living Room" tab should contain a card that states, "Dust entertainment center." The "Kitchen" tab should contain a card that states, "Empty dishwasher."

Clean Small Rooms First

To increase your sense of accomplishment, tackle small rooms first. Closets, bathrooms and home offices are ideal rooms to begin with, and, as each room is completed, move on to the next. First clear urfaces like countertops of items. Once surfaces are empty, wash and sanitize them. According to CafeMom.com, if you have not used something for more than a year, you're not likely to use it at all and should throw it away, recycle or donate it.

Clean Large Rooms Last

Large, cluttered rooms take longer to clean than smaller rooms, and saving these for last is more effective if you refuse to allow yourself to stop until they're finished. Put away all items littering the floors, tables and other surfaces before attempting to clean the room. According to OrganizedHome.com, cleaning the windows inside and out is a good first step to cleaning large rooms, so clean the windows before vacuuming, dusting and polishing.

Add Finishing Touches

Applying furniture polish and straightening picture frames is the last step in house cleaning. Walk through each room to determine where finishing touches are necessary and handle them immediately.

Maintain a Clean House

After all rooms are cleaned, notify others who live in your house that they must clean up messes immediately and that it's not acceptable to leave personal items in common areas. Refer to your list or index card file daily to ensure messes do not build up.

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