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VIRAL: Embracing Newborn Twins Will Melt Your Heart

Newborn twins in France show touching embrace

Making the rounds on the Web this weekend was a video of two twin babies being bathed in a sink in France.

Sounds pretty normal and uneventful, right? Wrong. It is two minutes and fifty seconds of pure amazingness. And if you haven't seen it yet, allow us to totally make your Monday...

While French nurse Sonia Rochel dips the two bébés beneath a running faucet, the brother-and-sister duo cling to each other in a heartfelt embrace. They rub their sweet little faces against one another and intertwine their impossibly tiny hands and legs and arms. All the while, their eyes remain closed, as if sleeping—or, some have said, as if they think they're still inside the womb, which is even more adorable. (Side note to Mama and Papa: This clip should definitely be saved as future evidence when these two grow up and start fighting like cats and dogs.)

The video was first posted as a way for Rochel to teach others her spa treatment/bathing technique known as "Thalasso bain bébé" (which is apparently French for twin baby bath). But it's now just being shared for its serious aww-factor.

Now watch and enjoy the best hug you've ever seen:

Image via YouTube

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