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WATCH: Toddler Discovering Ice Is Great

Russian toddler meets ice for the first time

Full disclosure: By the time this post is published, we will probably have watched this clip ... oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of a bajillion times. It is just that good.

Pretty much all we know about it is that its adorable star is a Russian toddler who appears to be meeting ice for the first time ever. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't exactly take to it like a natural. And fortunately for us, it all ends in a perfectly timed denouement that will have you rolling. (And pressing replay.)

Before we give you any spoilers, check it out:

Oh man, where do we begin? That overstuffed snowsuit waddling back and forth; the pitter patter of her tiny feet on the ice; the giant pom-pom on top of her super pointy hood ... it all adds up to be one insanely cute scene. But the slow-mo face-plant at the end? Just. Brilliant.

(If you can't get enough, either, BuzzFeed has some hilarious gifs that capture all the best moments. Right here.)

Image via YouTube

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