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Watch 'The Hunger Games,' 'Sesame Street' Style

Sesame Street parodies "The Hunger Games"

Looks like the Sesame Street writers have gone and outdone themselves with an adorable Hunger Games parody—that's hilarious, educational and of course, kid-friendly. In these games (known as "The Hungry Games"), the tributes are played by muppets, and have to make wise and healthy food decisions in order to survive. That means putting their heads together to solve some hard-to-crack patterns and codes involving missing plates of fruit and other yummy snacks.

Plus, it's packed with a million puns and play-on-words that adults will find enjoyable. Like the cleverly named Cookieness Evereat, played by Cookie Monster in a braided wig, and ... Pita, played by an actual piece of pita bread. Of course, in this version of Suzanne Collins's beloved sci-fi story, Cookieness Evereat isn't risking it all to spare her sister's life—she's doing it for the love of cookies (duh), and the promise of a great big jar of them as her prize in the end.

It's metaphoric, it's suspenseful, and it's almost as good as last week's Homeland parody (or perhaps we should say Homelamb), which centered around the neverending quest to find agent-turned-traitor Nicholas Baaa-rody-–a wolf in sheep's clothing. (Get it?)

Image via YouTube

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