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Brothers Adorably Recreate Childhood Photos for Mom's Birthday

Sons recreate childhood photos for mom's birthday

Not sure what you're expecting to get from the kids on your 55th birthday, but we're thinking a nice card and a big family dinner would be just fine.

For Toma and Paul Alexandru of Romania, though, they felt their mother's impending birthday called for a little bit more than just the usual birthday fare. So the two brothers set off on a trek across the country, retracing the steps of some of their favorite childhood trips—and recreating treasured family snapshots some 15 years later.

The trip to the monuments in Bucharest ... that time they both flexed their muscles for the camera ... it's all captured here, in one truly touching photo series that has a mix of the adorable, the hilarious, and the just plain sweet. And the brothers even put it all into one amazing photo album for mom to keep. According to the Daily Mail, their mom immediately started crying "tears of joy" over the whole thing. (Yea, we think we'd be reduced to a puddle of tears if our kids did this, too.)

Scroll down to have a look for yourself...

Brothers create photo project for mom's birthday
Brothers create photo project for mom's birthday

For more, hop on over to Imgur, where the brothers posted more snapshots from their photo series.

Images via Imgur

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