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Kids React to BatDad (Spoiler Alert: It's Super Cute)

Kids react to BatDad videos

Oh, BatDad; how we love thee. Since he first hit Vine back in late August, he's become something of an Internet sensation. He's taught us the importance of everything from chewing our food to making "poopy in the potty"—and he's always kept us laughing.

This week, the Fine Brothers decided it was time that the kids weighed in on BatDad. As it turns out, though, not all of them are fans.

In the Fine Brothers' latest reaction video, kids watch the caped crusader's attempts to instill important life lessons in his own. And while this clip may not be as epic as, say, that time the Fine Brothers filmed grandparents reacting to people twerk, it is pretty adorable.

One girl finds BatDad "creepy." Another kid wonders why he's so hung up on manners, anyway. Some even find him mean. But at least one girl thinks he's as hilarious as we do.

Check it out:

Want to catch up or re-watch the best of BatDad? Here's his most popular compilation (during which he admonishes artificial sweeteners, warns against gingivitis, and explains that when he's not out fighting crime, he's driving a Honda Odyssey). You can find the rest right here on his YouTube channel.

Image via YouTube

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