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Pre-K Teacher Tells Parents: 'Your Kids Stink'

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Parents often dread letters home from the teacher. But it's usually because they fear their kid has gotten in trouble for pulling someone's hair or failing a test. It's not like you expect to get a letter home that says something to the effect of Hey, your kid stinks.

But for parents of pre-K students in Buffalo, New York, that's basically what a recent letter home from school said. (In so many words.)

Here's the exact note parents received home one day—delivered by their 4-year-olds:

Parents get letter about their kids smelling
Parents get letter about their kids smelling

Hmmm ... doesn't really get more to-the-point than that, does it?

The letter, which was written by pre-K teacher Sharon D. Perry Dunnigan, has been making its way around the Internet the last few days, and has certainly divided people over its appropriateness.

Jeanne Sager over on The Stir tended to agree with the teacher, writing "You know what? I can't say that I blame her. Kids should be clean when they go to school. Period."

While that is definitely true, we can't help but think here: Isn't there another way to go about all this? One that's just a tad more sensitive? As one parent in the class told KTNV-TV, “That’s not right, that’s not what we’re in school for. She could have called a parent on the phone, she could have had a meeting at the school face-to-face.”

After the school was hit with a ton of complaints from parents and school board members, Dunnigan has had to face some punishments, like having her letter-writing privileges revoked. But even if future obnoxious letters won't be making their way home, there are plenty of parents who think that the school should take things a bit further and discipline Dunnigan even more.

How would you react if you got a letter like this sent home?

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