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Attention, Haters: Pregnant CrossFitter Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy

L.A. then-mom-to-be Lee-Ann Ellison caught some major heat back in September for those intense photos of her lifting massive weights and keeping up her CrossFit routine—while she was nearly nine months pregnant.

You remember the ones. They looked a little something like this:

And this...

These images, which showed that Ellison's extreme CrossFit routine did not take a backseat to her pregnancy, racked up thousands of comments from moms everywhere. And let's just say they had a thing or two to say to the mom-to-be...

She was called selfish. And a disgrace. Others used it to admonish the whole CrossFit craze entirely. "This is why CrossFit is horrible," wrote physical therapist Evan Kennedy on a Facebook CrossFit page. "No one knows what they're doing. This is a good way to lose your baby."

And then the whole controversy died down and a new week's worth of news took center stage ... and we all kind of forgot about Ellison and her weightlifting photos.

Until she gave birth, that is.

Though the news has been slow to make headlines, earlier this month, the California mom welcomed a new baby boy named Skyler, who weighed in at what she's sure to note is a healthy 7 pounds, three ounces. And he's doing just fine.

She also has a few words to say to her critics: “The haters can kiss my CrossFit a--," she wrote on her Facebook page recently.

The fitness-centric mom—who is already mom to an 8- and 12-year-old—is apparently already back to her CrossFit routine, according to the Daily News. What's more, she says she's only 7 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight, and wants very much to be known as a "hot mom." (OK, cue the eye roll on that one.)

Images via LAXFitMama/Instagram & the Daily News

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